The Course

First thing to mention, over 90% of the course has a direct view of the ocean and it is darn nice to look at. Second, this is a FLAT course. We do not mean flat like someone from Colorado means flat, we mean sea level flat. A pancake has more elevation.

We will still start and end just north of the Ocean Place Resort & Spa Conference Center near the intersection of Madison Ave and Ocean Ave.

The high-level view of the 5-mile course is below and on our website, under the “Get Involved” menu item on “The Course” page. For a more detailed view, click on this interactive course map.

Some sectional photos of the course
2016 course map

Overview course map

image 4

Ariel view of the new boardwalk looking north towards Pier Village.

image 2

The promenade looking north towards Seven Presidents Park.

image 3

The promenade looking south from Seven Presidents Park.

image 1

The boardwalk looking south in Pier Village.