Toni Genovese is a Certified Professional Wellness Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The Beauty and the Beach Run holds a special place in her heart, as it was the very first race for which she trained. She is excited to join us again as a steering committee member. She is a divorced mother of 3 amazing kids, enjoys running, strength training and yoga.

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My Fit Journey (12/5/2016) - Guest blogging this week is Donna Rogers. She was the recipient Mayor’s award in Long Branch… When my children were young I would walk on the boardwalk every morning. I was active with both of my children and very involved with the P.T.O. At that time, my weight and my health was good. As my […]
Doing Good Does Not Prevent Evil (8/8/2016) - Her name was Katrina Vetrano, and her life was cut short and taken tragically, senselessly, and brutally. She was doing what she loved to do, what we all love to do, on a gorgeous day. Sun on her face. She was running.
What to do BEFORE and AFTER You RUN (7/25/2016) - Guest blogging this week is running coach Jen Vieth. Check out her article on getting the most out of your run. So we all know the miraculous act of running involves placing one foot in front of the other and pushing off in a forward motion. Easy right? But most people don’t think about the […]
Chasing the Unicorn (6/24/2016) - So at 57 years old, I am chasing the Unicorn.  It was an innocent statement I made to my now coach, “I am tired of these old ladies beating me, but maybe I will be able to qualify for Boston by the time I am 60.”  And it started from there.  My coach saw a […]
RE: Beauty and the Beach Run News (12/18/2015) - Hi=2C&nbsp=3B I opened on my phone. It looks great. I don’t think it looks bad on comput= er either. It is clean looking and that is a big plus. &nbsp=3BThe thing I = might add is on bottom where you have Aslan logo a picture of a child. I wo= uld love to keep that […]
RE: Raise and Run (7/22/2015) - Content-Type: text/html; charset=”utf-8″ It’s great! Sent from my Verizon Wireless = 4G LTE smartphone ——– Original message ——– From: Beauty and the Beach Run & Date: 07/22/2015 7:50 AM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: Raise and Run Hi Toni and Barb=2C I added a comma so wanted you to see the final version.= Joe’s good with […]